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Jonah Hex

When The Others Have Gone
Mufflers of the Mind
The Window of My Soul
To My Lovely Lady
Dream of You
Not There Anymore

They Just Don't Make Love Like They Used To
Morning In Love
Nightmare Dreams
Whither Love....
My Soulmate
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Welcome To My World
The Blue Side of Lonesome
But For Love
I Guess I'm Crazy
The Tip of My Fingers
Lonely Again
Why Is It ?
Jewel of The Soul
Dreaming Of You
How Long (Has This Been Going On) ?

Morning Romance
If You Could Read My Mind
Any Old Wind That Blows
You Just Can't Win 'Em All
The Circle Is Small
I Would Like To See You Again
Anything For Love
Poison Red Berries
A Picture Of Me Without You
It Comes and Goes
Smoke Rings In The Dark
The Other Side of Lonely
The Circle Is Small
When I Call Your Name

The Last Time I Saw Her Face
A Shoulder To Cry On
I Never Go Around Mirrors
That's All I Wanted
Always On A Mountain When I Fall
Where Do I Put Her Memory ?
I'll Be Over You
Why You Wanna Break My Heart ?
The Gunfighter
Holding Her and Loving You
Faithless Love

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If you are the author of one of these tales and you wish to have your story removed from this site, send me a notice and it will be promptly removed or updated with your contact information.

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