Welcome to my chamber.

Tho I wish you well, be advised this is not a place of unlimited joy and happiness. Although you will find much to help you and perhaps even give you a smile, there are also close looks at the scars on a heart and the blood and tears from failures at love that can weigh heavily on a shattered soul.

This site is a place where you can reflect on your own life and loves..........

Did you tell the one you love how much they are treasured and adored ?

Did you take the steps necessary to insure them they are the most prized part of your universe ?

Is there anything you could have done that would give them a smile that you failed to do ?

Think about it and give yourself a moment to pause and reflect as you venture here and never forget - if you do not exercise great caution, then you too, may know the pain of a soul shredded by failed love, and be left searching through the fragments of your dreams left shattered and destroyed.......

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